Solana Blockchain Event City

Celtic Bard Vault Holdings

20% of the coin supply will be reinvested into the community, funding projects such as Property Purchase, Celtic style lodging, New Stonehenge , crafting workshops and the construction of a Celtic community center. In all the town should accommodate up to 10,000 people initially. DugwSghoZTBzg1X2dfGResgqg8rRj9ynEETq1GApyq3C

10% of total supply will be airdropped to NFT holders when launched. DugwSghoZTBzg1X2dfGResgqg8rRj9ynEETq1GApyq3C

10% will go to the Liquidity Pool on Raydium. 3K6BQQGoYicXqrwF2XjmquznxkRD3KZQwfjV9XsUCbX2

10% of our liquidity will be to the purchase precious metals for the town vault in the town hall and will be used as backing for the Celt coin. 9SUCcHx3x1btrRFgWnGsGiiE8xSMstCcqncmBDmKzTZb

5% will go to advertising. 4BgvaKodYZfUW5iPM1VPpFHyEzwWTUCpzVcuV4xZDa38